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History of Universal Athletic

Click here for Larry and Dick's comments about the history of Universal Athletic

Like many great athletic success stories, Universal Athletic’s beginnings are humble — the business began in the back of a car. In 1971, Dick Harte and Larry Aasheim hatched a plan for a new business that would serve high schools and college athletic programs in Montana. Inspired by the business course Dick was teaching at Broadus High School at the time, where some of his students suggested starting a sporting goods store as a business model. Dick and Larry boldly set a course for adventure — and it carried them farther than they ever imagined.

Thirty-eight years later, that “backseat” start-up has become Universal Athletic Service, headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, which now operates as a nationally recognized team/retail athletic specialty dealer with 13 retail stores, and team sales in six states.

Athletics has changed dramatically since 1971. Universal Athletic Service is proud to have contributed to some of the best of those changes — supporting the incredible growth of youth and women's sports, and responding to the advances of technology on sports equipment. After all, every great team knows that change is the name of the game!