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Our Mission

Since 1971, the Universal Athletic team has been passionate about fueling the dreams of athletes and we put all our know-how into doing just that. By servicing and selling athletic gear to your local athletes, high schools, and colleges, Universal Athletic has dedicated its heart and soul to the support of sports, fitness, and health programs in schools and communities in Montana, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

We believe in getting people fired up to participate in local sports, and have sponsored hundreds of community teams and events. Many of our own employees volunteer their time as coaches for local teams. We invest in our youth and have grown with them everyday since childhood, and we’re proud that some of those young athletes are inspired to come to work with us in the spirit of giving back.

Universal Athletic was founded in Montana, and has grown into 13 locations in five states. Over the course of 38 years, we have helped fuel the dreams of 45 million athletes — one at a time.

History of UA

Like many great athletic success stories, Universal Athletic's beginnings are humble - the business began in the back of a car . . .
Click here for more on our history, our legacy.

What Sets Us Apart

Over 38 years, we’ve been guided by our founders’ spirit of adventure, innovation, and service. And we know one thing will never change — our pledge to stay true to Dick Harte's original philosophy: "It is our mission as the Athletic Specialist to be committed to providing superior customer service and quality products, while embracing a connectivity to the spirit and culture of athletic endeavor." UA’s greatest pleasure is passionately serving schools and leagues from border to border.

Our Team is Here for Yours

Our people are passionate about what we do, and you can read about how we put that passion to work. Our job is not done
until it’s perfect, and we will deliver last minute gear to wherever you are, even on game day. Meet our team.

Investing in People

UA attracts talented people from diverse backgrounds, and nearly all of our employees have passionate interest and experience in athletics. We work as a team, and invest in each other, because when our people grow and succeed, every team we work for benefits. “Over twenty people have been with us for over twenty years. That’s a testament to our people,” notes Larry
Aasheim, owner, co-founder. Inquire about opportunities.