Fire Cracker Shootout

4th Annual Fire Cracker Shootout 3 on 3

Razor City Invite

Loren Larson Memorial Shootout

Fire Cracker Shootout 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Loren Larson Memorial Shootout

2nd Annual Fire Cracker Shootout 3 on 3

Loren Larson Memorial Shootout

Gillette's 1st Annual Fire Cracker Shootout

Competitive Divisions: 4th-8th; Girls and Boys

Number of Games Guaranteed: 5

Entry Fee: $100

Registration Deadline: June 29th

Contact for Further Information:
Jarred Fries
fries121 [at] hotmail [dot] com


Loren Larson Memorial Shootout

Competitive Divisions: 3rd-8th, boys and girls

Number of Games Guaranteed: 3

Entry Fee: $130

Registration Deadline: March 23rd

Brackets will be posted on www.lorenlarsonmemorialshootout.com .

For Additional Information:
Trevor Larson
tlarson [at] vanewing [dot] net

Melanie Sylte
msylte [at] vcn [dot] com