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What are Team Packs?

Team Packs are pre-approved lists of required and non-required items selected by the coach that your team's players can choose from when purchasing their needed gear for their participation in your team.

Using our Team Packs ordering system, we can dramatically decrease the complication and time needed to process orders for your team's custom gear and equipment. Traditionally this requires the coach or team's owner to distribute the list of pre-approved gear, collect the orders and payment, submit them to a team dealer, pickup all the orders when they arrive and distribute them to their players.

With our Team Packs ordering system we can do most of this electronically saving time, money, and headaches. The coach can distribute the list of pre-approved gear and then not worry about it after that. The players log onto the Team Packs website by going to and clicking on Team Packs. Once inside they can order all of the gear on the pre-approved list and pay for it with credit card. Once all the orders have been submitted and the product has been received it can either be picked up or delivered.

This service is free of charge.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our Team Packs please contact your local Team Sales Associate or our Team Sales Department here.

Access Your Team Pack Here