About Universal Athletic

Our Mission

Equip every athlete to
achieve peak performance

Thriving Enterprise

Who is Universal Athletic?

We are a thriving enterprise in the team sports market. We leverage our expertise and our positive culture to our competitive advantage. The two combine to provide a core competence in relationship building which, ultimately, sets us apart from competitors and enables us to be a dominant player in the industry.

We pride ourselves on building a team of players that are the best of the best in the industry. Our team members are passionate, hard-working, hungry and humble. Not only do we recruit and hire people that bring indispensable value to our company, we also retain these key players. Universal athletic has over 25 employees that have been with the company for 20 years or more. We call it “the Universal Spirit” – the culture within the company that has produced a group of friends who enjoy not only working together but spending time together.

Currently, Universal Athletic has over 100 employees nationwide. We have retained and recruited high performers who thrive in our culture which creates an environment that empowers all of our staff to focus on building relationships and delivering value to customers in every interaction.


Retail and Showrooms

Our retail locations serve hundreds of thousands of customers each year – providing over 48,000 total square feet of space where sports fanatics can geek out on the latest in sporting equipment and apparel trends. We have a great reputation in the communities we are a part of and are known for our high-end gear and knowledgeable staff.

Values and Principles

Our Culture

Our values underline our lasting beliefs and ideals that guide our actions to achieve our goals

Passion: Devoted to the spirit of athletics and its connectivity to our business
Generosity: Committed to making community better through service and charity
Relationship: Focused on providing value and services
Integrity: Committed to honesty in actions and decisions

Our principles create company focus to achieve our goals

Teamwork: Supporting and collaborating to achieve goals
Family: Shared commitment to creating an environment where employees can thrive
Expertise: Delivery of value added service through knowledge and experience
Effort: Expectation of giving one’s best

Athletic Specialists

Our Vision

We are constantly striving to make sure the below statement is true every day and to better ourselves. Technology, innovation, and trends are all important pieces to continue the rapid growth we have experienced, and we dedicate people, time, and money to pursuing those.

We are the athletic specialist, known throughout our industry as the company that truly knows this business, are a pleasure to work with, and, most of all, provide such a high level of service that no one can match it. Our expertise leads all of our customers to a single result that we are passionate about: peak performance.

We strive to equip every customer to achieve that experience.

Core of Who We Are

Our Brand

Our brand is the core of who we are.
It’s the lovechild of our culture and our vision and we protect it like our baby.

Our brand tells people who we are

We are athletes. We know the struggle. We understand the meaning and importance behind the game. We understand the passion and the drive. Because of this athletes can trust us. We are the go-to teammate – we deliver only the best quality and best service.

Our brand is our promise

It is a promise to our customers. We promise to stay in the game. We promise not to forget what makes the game great and what makes the game important, and to deliver only products and expertise that will serve our customers best in the head of the game.